About Me

My name is Michael (alias Mike Skril) and I’m a passionate bladesmith.

I grew up in Austria and left the country as a young adult to seek adventure in South America. A few years later, I found my destiny in Quebec (Canada) and I’m living here since.

As a trained toolmaker, I always had an interest in crafting extraordinary things. One day, a neighbor was selling an over 100-year-old anvil… this day, I discovered my passion!

Ever since I’m pushing my limits to master the art of bladesmithing. A craft that is over three thousand years old and there are still so many things to explore.

Bladesmithing is my passion and I’m dedicated to producing high-performance blades. Functional art that not only excels in its task but also stands the test of time.  I stand behind my work and only use the best materials available to create unique, high-quality tools.

This is just the beginning of a journey…following the strong urge to create…exploring one of the oldest crafts of mankind.